Step 5

Step 5 – ‘E’ is for Evaluate –

Welcome back to 6 Step Niche Sites! We’re following my free, step-by-step method to make profitable WordPress niche websites.

If you are new here, why not start at the beginning and take each step at your own pace? There is a LOT of information here – and it all will still be here when YOU are ready.

Here we are, at Step 5 of my 6 Step Niche Site System! Look at you! You now have your very own niche site online – it has content and it is monetized…. and after Step 4 of Hell Day, you have now taken the first big steps to promoting your niche site, getting traffic, and getting those all-important back links to your site.


Now, how hard was that? Think you can do this over and over and over again until you have a huge niche site network? What if you had 50 of these sites and each was making you a simple $5 a day? Thats $250 a day total!!! Would that be ok with you? That is over $7500 a MONTH coming to YOU – on autopilot!

I’m telling ya, online marketing is FUN! Wouldn’t it be great to fall asleep each night KNOWING that there are 50 little niche websites out there that are working away and making you money?

I’m gonna tell you something – it is a DAMN GOOD FEELING! 🙂

You have already done the hard part – you made your first niche site! You already have your hosting account that will allow you to host as many niche sites as your little fingers can type out. You already have the wonderful WordPress Niche Site Guide that will hold your hand through each and every step. Now, all you have to do is keep buying those cheap domain names and making more, More, MORE niche sites!

But first – lets get back to Step 5 – I’m getting over-excited and way ahead of myself!

Evaluate Your Niche Website

What I like to do after Step 4 (aka – Hell Day) is complete is to let my new niche site ’simmer’ for a bit. I let Google get my entire site indexed, get my Hell Day pages indexed…and then see how things are going.

In my mind, if my new niche site makes any money in the first 7 days of its ‘life’ – things are GREAT. If my new site is getting traffic, things are good…. and if nothing is happening , well, we need some work.

I want to tell you this – and hear me clearly – even if your new niche website has gotten ZERO visitors or ZERO sales – YOU HAVE NOT FAILED. If you went through all the steps, read the recommended reading, and actually put a niche site online – there is no WAY you can fail. All you need is to evaluate and to ‘tweak’.

How Can I Improve My WordPress Niche Site?

If your niche site is getting any traffic, some really important information is being gathered for you. Within your Google Search Console stats a list of keywords that folks are really using is being generated. This is POWERFUL information.

If some people are finding your niche blog because it is found on the third page of a Google search result – what would happen if you were on the FIRST page? You already KNOW people are using that term to find your information – there is no guessing about it. Go back to Hell Day and optimize/promote like crazy for that keyword phrase and BOOST your niche site and/or lens to the top! Or make a or a new blog post… and USE THAT KEYWORD PHRASE AS THE TITLE. Or, heck – do both!

Everything you need to make your niche sites better is right at your finger tips. There is NO keyword research that is more powerful than REAL STATS. Look at your traffic stats, see what keyword phrases are being used to find you, check Google and see where you rank for those phrases, AND MAKE IT BETTER.

Once you set a niche site in motion, it takes on a life of its own. It might take the average niche site about 4-6 months to realize its full potential, but once its there – IT’S THERE.

Make a point to set aside one day per week to do a check up on your niche sites. See who needs attention – and give them the attention they need. In the long run, it will be SO worth it.

Also this – fact is, some niche sites just won’t “pop”. What’s the old 80/20 rule? 20% will earn 80% of the revenue? That can be true with niche websites. Just be sure to create many varying streams of income from your sites and KEEP MAKING NICHE SITES. Reality is, you will be sure to create a niche site that is a BIG success – but you never really know which one it will be until you get them out there.

With a good Hell Day effort, those lower competition keywords can be real money for you. Imagine if your niche site and your “Hell Days” web pages ALL show on the first page of a Google search! Each search return leads to YOUR work. Cha-Ching!

That is your goal. Evaluate your stats – make those stats work FOR you – then set your niche sites in motion to always work FOR you.