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Let's Make Niche Sites!

Welcome to 6 Step Niche Sites! I’m so glad you’re here. Hopefully, you are looking to learn how to create easy WordPress niche sites that are PROFITABLE – because that is exactly what you’ll be learning here today!

My name is Jennifer (yes, I’m ‘PotPieGirl’ from PotPieGirl.com), and I am about to share with you the simple system I use day after day to create small niche blogs using WordPress.

Are you ready to put together the pieces of this puzzle and create your own profitable niche site?

Most of you that visit here already have a solid and basic understanding of how internet marketing and affiliate marketing works. You probably already have an Amazon affiliate account, have learned about keywords, understand AdSense… perhaps you’ve already made a few bucks online. That’s great – and that is exactly what I need you to know to get started with me here today so we can learn how to build niche sites with WordPress.

However, if you’re not quite ‘there’ yet with your understanding of making ‘niche’ websites or blogs, that’s ok! While you may not be ready for the 6 Step Niche System today, you will be soon!

And guess what? I’m not going anywhere. This information will be ready for you when YOU are ready for IT!

While we will not be jumping in the proverbial deep end of online marketing, we will also be discussing things that are a tad more advanced.

Frustration is a killer, so take it slow or at whatever pace you feel comfortable.

Each niche site you create will get easier and easier… I promise!

PotPieGirl's 6 Step System:

Below are links to each step of PotPieGirl’s 6 Step “R.I.C.H.E.R.” Niche Site Process:

Step 1

All great websites start with good niche market research and keyword research. Notice I said “good” research – not ‘great’ or ‘perfect’ research. With 6 Step Niche Sites, we don’t obsess over that stuff. We know that in time, as we follow all the steps for this WordPress Niche Site system, we will have all the research we need to make our sites great.

Step 2

Many folks get a bit hesitant at this point of creating niche websites. Why? Simply because it is time to commit – Totally understandable! This is very new territory for many of us, and it is more than ok to feel a bit intimidated by taking your first step into owning virtual real estate. 

But folks, owning virtual real estate is where the money is!

Step 3

Here we are already – Step 3!  You’re almost half way done! I feel it is safe to assume that you now know what you need to make WordPress niche sites, you’ve done your niche site keyword research, and you’ve got WordPress installed on your site and your theme and plug ins all ready to go! Great! Let’s move forward.

Step 4

By this point in my WordPress niche site system, you have researched keywords for your niche blog, your have installed WordPress on your site, you have created content and prepared your site for the world. YOU are doing awesome!

This brings us to Step 4 – which I not-so-affectionately call “Hell Day”.

Step 5

Here we are, at Step 5 of my 6 Step Niche Site System! Look at you! You now have your very own niche site online – it has content and it is monetized…. and after Step 4 of Hell Day, you have now taken the first big steps to promoting your niche site, getting traffic, and getting those all-important first back links to your site.

Step 6

The first niche site is the hardest…and now you’ve done that! Remember feeling a bit intimidated by the whole process? Guess what? NO MORE! You OWN this system now! Whether it took you a week or 6 months to go through this whole process simply does not matter. You Did It.

Need help?

Have a question?  I’m just an email away  =)

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With 11+ years experience, PotPieGirl has multiple training guides and blogging courses available to further your success.


“ Jennifer is one of my favorite people to learn from. She teaches things in a way that’s way different from others. It’s almost like she’s a friend showing you her tricks, tips and observations.
She’s able to dig deep enough into the info to make you really understand the concept fully, but keeps it simple enough that you don’t get lost or overwhelmed. I always get excited when she puts out something new for me to discover! Plus I have gotten so many ah-ha moments from her, it’s ridiculous.

- Stormy Stevenson

About PotPieGirl

My name is Jennifer Ledbetter (aka “PotPieGirl”). I live and work in the beautiful small Southern city of Flowery Branch, Georgia.

Never heard of it? That’s ok – not many people have! Flowery Branch is located in the southern part of Hall County about 45 minutes NorthEast of Atlanta.

The biggest “landmark” here in Flowery Branch? We’re right near Lake Lanier AND Flowery Branch is the location for the Atlanta Falcons training center (our awesome NFL Football team).

We love it here! We’re a big, wild and crazy bunch and working online has made it possible for me to not only provide but to also inspire my children, step-children and my grandchildren towards creating the life of their dreams on their terms….

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